Thai visual novel. “Angel’s Tale”

Angel's Tale

In Thailand not of all people know visual novels and this is (may be?) the first commercial visual novel genre game in the market. How is it? What the difference it made? Find out in this post!

Angel’s Tale is the game developed by StudioGU which was formed by independent developers about 11 years ago. Their first debut is this game. The game engine has been developed for 5 years and has the features as same as many Japanese visual novel engine.

The story of Angel’s Tale is about the boy named Prart and his sister Fah who encounter the mixed up event because of Prart’s special ability. He can see what don’t suppose to see and is annoyed by them. There is also something wrongs with his sister and other girls who take part in this event.

After I saw some game materials (screen shots, movies). I think it’s interesting game. If I have the time, I will write about game’s characters next time.

More info please check out at Angel’s Tale website.

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