Unpack AKB48 Eien Pressure

AKB48 Eien Pressure

I seems that I forgot to put my AKB48’s latest single unpacking in the English blog. Let’s see what inside Eien Pressure package.

AKB48 Eien Pressure

There are 4 types of single. (I don’t count the theater version since I can’t buy it.) I got type A – C at the time of unpacking. The other type is type D which is contain the song from OKL48. Collaboration project between AKB48 and Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!

On the upper left corner you will see the ticket for AKB48 multi-buy campaign in Japan. Other items that you need to buy other than this single are official calendar and Tokyo Dome concert DVD.

AKB48 Eien Pressure

The package is folded hard paper with clear plastic sleeve. At first I think it’s Digipak but I’m wrong after unpack it.

AKB48 Eien Pressure

After unfold the package you will see the discs, photos and leaflet scattering around in the pack.

AKB48 Eien Pressure

Here’s all items inside the package. Music CD (The bed one.), DVD (The grass one.) and 2 photos. One is randomly picked from sembatsu members of Eien Pressure and Totte oki Christmas.

The other is randomly picked from sembatsu members of C/W single. C/W single will be perform by different AKB48 sister groups. Type A is SKE48, Type B is NMB48 and Type C is HKT48.

Type D has only 1 photo randomly picked from OKL48 members.

AKB48 Eien Pressure

As their announcement, type A – C packages can be folded into a house. I really like this idea but it’s impossible to do it in the real world. There are no flap, hole or other things that help making the package into the house.

For those who buy this singles, if you can fold the package to the beautiful house, please tell me the way to do it.

AKB48 Eien Pressure

Here’s the photo I got from the type A – C. The most right side are external bonus photos. Above is from Neowings (CDJapan). Below is from HMV Japan.

For those who want to buy it. I think CDJapan still have them stocked. Get them while you can.

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