My fisrt digital painting.

Aya with Konata mask

I bought Wacom tablet last year but I never use it because I don’t have the time to paint. This is my first digital painting. I painted it in photoshop. I didn’t drew anything in this picture I just lent it from pencil board came with Comp H magazine. I thought I want to made it color when I see it.

It’s not great painting in my opinion but I’m happy to see this picture in color.

Roland US revealed the new PCR-series manual.

Edirol PCR-800

I has been looking for MIDI controller for 2 years and I still didn’t buy any because I don’t find any good controllers that suit my need and I don’t have enough money to buy them. (If I remember right the next four month, the items I ordered will come and I must go to pay for them.)

While I really like the function and the key of Novation SL 61 I saw the new PCR-800 (61 keys, 300 for 32keys and 500 for 49 keys) I think it’s looked good 18 pads (can use as buttons), transport buttons, 3 buttons,9 knobs, 9 slider, 1 cross fader (Sure, for their partner VJ software Motiondive.Tokyo) and auto mapping. Oh great! Price is cheaper than Novation and its weight is lighter than Novation.

Ok! I downloaded manual and find many interesting things:
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