StudioGU released the demo version of Angel’s Tale.

Angel's Tale

After StudioGU announced that the studio first game “Angel’s Tale” will be released on April 28th at Comic Party 5th event. They released the demo version of the game to give players the taste of game before they buy the full version.

The link for download is here. Don’t hotlink the file. Thanks.
The event link is here.

PS. The language in the game is Thai and I haven’t play it yet. Use at your own risk. If you have the problem running it you can post here.

Exam’s over!

The following two weeks I have the university examination. For me who almost didn’t read anything that I learnt. It is the bad time but I was lucky enough that there are some of my friends taught me the exam topics. However I don’t think the result is good.

Even the exam’s over, I still have the project that haven’t finished yet and the deadline is the next Monday.?? Now I ask my friend to help me but he haven’t give me the answer yet.

After all of my work’s finish, I plan to study about drawing more and make some visual novel with my friends. I also think to write some manga review. (Sure! I will write about Dorotea and some little spoiler because I bought it yesterday.) and make some 4Koma cartoon from the figurines I have.

I hope this summer vacation I can finish everything that I said but now I’m going to sleep. (I haven’t sleep for two weeks.)

See you next time! Zzzzzzz.

Cuvie’s manga is now in Thailand.

Dorotea vol.1 cover

Yesterday I saw the manga release date by Bongkoch who has almost licenses of shoujo manga and some licenses from Kadokawa and Mag Garden in Thailand. I’m bored because of this week there aren’t any interest manga from it but I saw the name “DOROTHEA โดโรธี ยอดสาวปราบทรชน” so I’m sure that it is “ドロテア~魔女の鉄鎚~” by Cuvie.

Dorotea Vol.2 cover

For who don’t know who is Cuvie. Cuvie is mangaka who write many Hentai comic in Japan. The thing that make me like his (or her I don’t know.) works is the girls he draw are very cute and his techniques are also great compare with other works. I think Dorothea is his first non-hentai work.

For Dorothea I read some scan from the book. The story may be about Dorothea who is half-devil or something. I don’t know any further than this because my Japanese isn’t strong but it’s looked interesting me.

The first book will be released on 9th this month. The cost is 40 Baht.(about 1 US Dollar.) at the book stores in Thailand.

WordPress 2.1

WordPress is upgrades to version 2.1 now. Many features are added and I really like them but there is the problem. It is my blog topic and tags,which write after upgraded, wasn’t added on Technorati page. I couldn’t search this topic with its search engine too. So I decided to roll back. Now my blog is fine. No problem at all. Just I want to use the new editor. It’s great.

I think I will upgrade to newest version again after they have less bug than now.

Edited It happened again. Oh my god.

Edited again How foolish I am. Technorati really updated my blog but at very low speed. Maybe the internet speed is very slow in Thailand.