WordPress 2.1

WordPress is upgrades to version 2.1 now. Many features are added and I really like them but there is the problem. It is my blog topic and tags,which write after upgraded, wasn’t added on Technorati page. I couldn’t search this topic with its search engine too. So I decided to roll back. Now my blog is fine. No problem at all. Just I want to use the new editor. It’s great.

I think I will upgrade to newest version again after they have less bug than now.

Edited It happened again. Oh my god.

Edited again How foolish I am. Technorati really updated my blog but at very low speed. Maybe the internet speed is very slow in Thailand.

SG reopened (again?)

Happy New Year 2007. Silhouette Garden is reopened again. Now I think this theme satisfy me and WordPress is stable so I hope I don’t reinstall it again. There are unfinished parts in the website: forum and new front page. (The old one’s looked lamed.) I will find some time to do it.