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ALTER’s Amagi Yukiko of Persona 4

ALTER's Amagi Yukiko of Persona 4

There are a few companies who make figure from ATLUS game characters. One of them is ALTER. In my opinion Alter works are always superb. The figure I reviewed today is one of the heroines in Persona 4. She’s Amagi Yukiko. She’s also the first character of P4 who is made into the figure. The version I reviewed is ATLUS D SHOP exclusive limited version.

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Alter’s Gwendolyn of ODIN SPHERE

Alter’s Gwendolyn of ODIN SPHERE

I haven’t written a figure review for a long time. It wasn’t that I didn’t buy any but I’m very busy with my senior project and tests. That why I didn’t updated this blog too. Today I want to present you the very beautiful figure from Alter. It’s Gwendolyn from ODIN SPHERE.

In Thailand we give the nickname to Gwendolyn. It’s Ginnara but this word is  Ginnaree in Thai. The shop I bought (Hobby Hour – GSC dealer) also wrote this word on the bill when I ordered her.

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New Little Busters!-EX figures will come with Dengeki G’s magazine and Hime

The August and September issue of G’s magazine and Hime will come with the figure from the visual novel game which is re-release as 18+ game “Little Buster! Ecstasy”.

The August of G’s magazine comes with Sasami Sasasegawa figure while Dengeki Hime comes with Kanata Futaki figure. Both are new characters for this version.

The September of G’s magazine comes with Rin Natsume figures and Dengeki Hime comes with Komari Kamikita figures.

The August issue of both magazine will be released on June 30th and the September will be released on July 30th. The price is 990 Yen for G’s magazine and 1150 Yen for Dengeki Hime.

To see the photo of the figure. Click here!

Don’t want to miss any issue. You can subcribe for the magazine from my partner JBOX, J-List and CDjapan.

Dengeki G’s Magazine: CDjapan, JBOX

Dengeki Hime (not for people who are under 18.) : J-List

PS: I want all of them but I must save the money so I pass these.