Japan Trip: Cherry blossom seeing at Ueno Park


This temple is on the middle of Shinobazu pond. Its building was rebuilt because the damaged from WW II air raid.


This temple is devoted to Benzaiten who is the goddess of knowledge, art and beauty. She’s also one of Seven Gods of Fortune.

In the main hall, there is the golden dragon drawing on the ceiling. It’s drawn by Kodama Kibo. You shouldn’t miss the see it beauty.

Ueno Park

The view from Shinobazu pond. There are old building around here.

Ueno Park

There are the food stalls on the temple ground. They weren’t looked delicious so we passed all of them.

Toki Wasureji no Tou

I found the unknown statue on the way back. I researched about it later. It’s Toki Wasureji no Tou which is built for the memories of WW II air raid in Tokyo.

Kiyomizu Kannon Dou

We passed Kiyomizu Kannon Dou where is the beautiful cherry blossom trees stand at.

Ueno Station

We walked back to the Ueno station for getting on the train to final destination of the trip.

Akihabara Station

Our final destination is in Akihabara. I found the booth promoting WiMAX service is quite interesting. Its presentor is Fuji TV’s Gachapin.

Akihabara UDX

We walked through Akihabara UDX. There’s the Dragon Quest event on that day.


Cartoon version of AKB48 girls poster in front of the pachinko parlor. The members on the poster are from Team Surprise.


We visited Sofmap’s Akiba Duty Free store. It had the Microsoft’s Surface RT demonstration in front of the store. It’s the first day of its sale.


Hatsune Miku’s navigation tablet from RWC. It’s quite expensive.


Nishino Kana cutout promotes WALKMAN at Sony’s personal audio products booth. Overseas Models are also sold here. In case you don’t want to go to Sony Store Ginza.

Kanayan was the brand ambassador for Sony’s personal audio products last year. She features in WALKMAN F and MDR-1R ads.


I also had a chance to try Wacom Cintiq 13HD before it’s sold here. It’s really good.

If you do the shopping here, please take note that you can’t bring the items to make a payment at the cashiers on different floor.

Next time I will write about my experience of watching AKB48 show at their theater. Please look forward to it.

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