Japan Trip 2 : Fairies mini live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

Around half past ten. Fairies members in normal clothes went to the stage for rehearsal and greeted the fan who was waiting for the live.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

Two hours before the mini live began. The CD shop sold the music CDs with handshake event tickets. They weren’t sold well as I thought. Maybe the single is quite old and all fan should have them now.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

I bought the CD + DVD version and CD only version. The event tickets can be used in the handshake event at 13.30 and 15.30 on that day.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

My lunch is McDonald Filet-O-Fish. Not different from the one in my country except it’s served in the box. Not paper wrapped.

The staff asked the audiences keeping their mats and told the event schedule and rules again. Then mini live began.

The set list on that day began with Beat Generation and HERO. Sorry for camera shake because I didn’t have monopod and had to move my camera from others’ heads.

In the MC time they talked about Itoh Momoka birthday and their plan to cosplay as Santa and take purikura. All members will dress at Santa except one will dress as Reindeer.

The last song they performed was Hikari no Hate ni. I watched their mini live records earlier and thought that their live on that day was shorter than usual. Usually they perform 4 – 5 songs.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

Now it’s time for handshake event. Staffs placed only tables on the stage. No partitions like 48 group’s. They gives the time around 5 – 10 seconds per members. Sometime they allow more time when the member still talk with that person.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

Although the photograph is prohibit in the handshake event. If you have someone with you, you may ask him to take a photo of you from the outside of handshake event area.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

Now it’s time for the report. First round I introduced myself that I come from Thailand. All members are surprised then I said I will always support you. They said thank you to me.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

Second round I told them I have to go and say goodbye. Except Momoka who I said it’s earlier but happy birthday.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

When I meet the members in the flesh. Some members are very cute as I expect such as Momoka, Miki and Mahiro. However I don’t expect Sora who I think she’s cool has very cute voice.

Fairies Mini Live at AEON Mall Tsuchiura

As I wrote earlier this month is Momoka birthday. I prepared her birthday present but almost didn’t have a chance to give her.

Before the event began I asked the staff how I give her a present. He explained me that I can’t give it to her directly. I need to give it to the staff. Then the staff will put in the carton box for her. I think that they use the same way as 48 group that they will have the staff who receive the gifts separate from the event venue.

However the guy who I need to pass the present is on the stage and the box is behind Momoka. It seems that I can tell her that I have a present for her then the staff will receive it instead and put it to the box behind her. The staff who I asked asked me that I still had the event ticket. Since I used them up. He brought the present to the stage and put on the box behind her. I regret a little not to tell Momoka that I have the present for her.

Now the event is over. Members thank you their fan for participating the event. They also announced their live schedule before leaving.

Japan Trip #2 - part 4

Although they still had another live. I planed to visit other attraction around this area. So I went to the bus stop for taking bus back to the station. The bus almost left at the time I went to.

Next post will be my trip to the interesting place around this area. Please look forward to it.

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