Japan Trip 2 : Fuji TV and Sony ExploraScience at Odaiba


I couldn’t decide where I had the lunch. So I thought I will find something that is simple such as ramen. There is the ramen theme park called RAMEN KOKUGIKAN here.


Although it is ramen theme park but it isn’t the same as Shinatatsu Ramen at Shinagawa. In stead of the separated shops in the same area it’s looked like the food court.


I chose Makoto-ya who is famous for stew beef ramen.


Because I hadn’t the breakfast. I ordered the largest bowl full of stewed beef, shashu pork, konyaku, boiled egg and spicy minced pork. I also add more spicy minced pork by using the special coupon I got from the travel event in my country.

The noodle is quite hard and the soup is tonkatsu style. Really love it.


Walked in the park nearby.

Statue of Liberty Odaiba

The replica of Statue of Liberty. One of Odaiba’s landmarks. The weather wasn’t good. I went back to Aqua City

Sony ExploraScience

I walked around in Mediage, the media complex in Aqua City until I found Sony ExploraScience.

Sony ExploraScience

I saw it had the exhibition about camera and audio so I bought 500 yen ticket to find out about it.

I have a high expected for it but the place is quite small in my opinion. There is a small theater showing 3D video about wildlife, sea, universe and north pole bear anime. I thing they are the same videos shown at Sony Building. I took a little nap here.


The exhibition zone is divided into sound, image and communication section. If you are Sony fans, you will know that almost activities here are based on Sony’s technology like smile detection, CyberCode, voice analyzing, etc. Sony fans and children will love this place.

The special exhibition that makes me to pay for ticket is Explore the principles of sound and light that explain the technology in Sony camera and audio products such as prism in Alpha SLT camera, Magnetic fluid in speaker driver, noise canceling system, etc.

I think this place is good and their staffs are great. They accompanied me to each toys and guide me how to play them. It’s the thing that I hardly saw in the first 3 days of my trip.

Aqua City Odaiba

Almost 5 PM Aqua City turned on their illumination light for Christmas season.


Outside was completely dark. It’s time to go to Daiba station for the next destination.

Statue of Liberty Odaiba

Statue of Liberty with Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in the background.

Palette Town

I got off at Aomi station to go to Palette Town. The place that I went last time but didn’t have a chance to look around.

Palette Town

In fact you can walk from Aqua City to here. On the way you will see DiverCity where 1:1 RX-78-2 Gundam stand here. However I was lazy to walk. That is why I bought the one-day pass.

Next time I will explore inside Palette Town. Please look forward to it.

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