Amachan Location Tour : Sanriku Tetsudo Kuji Station in the evening

Sanriku Tetsudo Kuji Station

For those who watch the drama will find the station building is similar to the one in the drama. It was decorated to be a fictional Kitasanriku Station.

Sanriku Tetsudo Kuji Station

There is a small park with fountain in front of the station.

JR Kuji Station

Beside the station building is JR Kuji Station. The building design is more modern than Miyako.

Ekimae Depart

Here’s one of iconic locations in Amachan. It’s Ekimae Depart which is used as the location of Kitasanriku Tourist Office in the drama. The real building used to be a department store.

Ekimae Depart

The town creates the information sign for each Amachan filming locations. So you will know when they appear in the story. Drama fans should finish watching all 157 episodes before coming here because the information also spoils the story.

Next time I will write about the cafe that Cafe Rias is modeled after. Amachan fan shouldn’t miss this.

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  1. Gumi

    Uwaah ~!

    Thanks for sharing ^^ .

    I also want to visit Amachan’s Filming locations~
    I’m also a fan of the drama ^^


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