Japan Trip : Watching AKB48 stage live at AKB48 Theater.


The picture from AKB48 Live On Demand.

The show we watched was Team Kenkyuusei 7th stage “Pajamas Drive. The first song is Shonichi which is one of my favorite AKB48 song.


The picture from AKB48 Live On Demand.

Tell the truth I don’t know almost kenkyuusei members who were on stage on that day. I only remember Hirata Rina who I read about her from the blog about this show before I went to Japan. I also noticed Nishino Miki because her unique hair style, her expression and active dancing. She became my favorite member after this.

Before watching the show live. I used to watch the LOD of some show which I find it’s quite boring and haven’t finished watching it. However the real thing is great and isn’t boring as I thought.


The picture from AKB48 Live On Demand.

The good thing of watching the show live is your surrounding. It’s never the same in each show. There are many things happen here and are cut in the LOD video. Such as the audiences teases Iwatate Saho when she were telling her catch phrase. In LOD it’s a short time but it’s longer in the live. I really love her when she was teased. Very cute.

Although the show is great but we spent almost 70% of time here for walking and traveling. We were still only when we ate or slept. So our tiredness made our eyes shut. However I woke up after seeing some member winked to me (I mean to the audiences below.) My sister woke up by the arm of beside person while he swung his light stick.


The picture from AKB48 Live On Demand.

After the main show finished. The stage was darken. Then someone shouted “Encore” then all people include me shouted “Encore”. The girls with the new costume came out and continued the show. They sang 2 – 3 songs before ended the show with the song “Tenohira ga Kataru Koto”. After the show they were outside for high five. We watched the PV of the same song while the staffs prepared the lobby for it.

After that staffs asked us to go outside where the girls stood in line for giving high five. I said “Thank you” while do this with each girls. Some girls also caught my hand while doing this. I was very excited on that time so I don’t have a clear memory about it. The one thing I know is their hands are very soft.

AKB48 Theater

After high five we took our bags back from the deposit counter then I went to the toilet. We wondered why many people still stood waiting for something. They’re waiting for the girls to say goodbye. I regret not to wait at the lobby that time.

I promise to myself that I am going to watch the show again and don’t forget to send them off next time I go to Japan.

Bic Camera Shinjuku

After the show we went to Shinjuku again for buying this stage CD at HMV. My sister wanted to get the Hello Kitty bag at Isetan too. I was very tried so I forgot to take any photographs except this AKB48 sign at Bic Camera.


We planed to dine at LUMINE EST but all restaurants were full. We afraid that we might miss the shuttle bus to the airport. So we went back to Shinagawa and dined at SUKIYA. I ordered curry meat bowl while my sister ordered curry rice with karakage chicken.

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

We walked back to the hotel through the garden last time.

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

We packed our items in our luggages last time. Then we went to the hotel bar and uses the voucher to get some drinks.

Shinagawa Station

Then we took the shuttle bus at the hotel to Haneda International Airport. It took only about half an hour to the airport.

Haneda Airport

There weren’t many people due to it’s almost midnight.

Haneda Airport

After check-in we walked around the duty free shop where is very near the gate.

Haneda Airport

There are LCD TVs from may manufacture near the gate. I like the one from LG because it has the charger for mobile phones.


The breakfast on the plane was NORIBEN. This menu is created by JAL and Soup Stock Tokyo. It served only in some flights from Haneda International Airport.


When I opened the box, I was surprise that the box is made from the real wood. There were grilled salmon, white bait, chikuwa, omelette and rice that are covered by seaweed inside. After finished breakfast the plane landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Ending my trip to Japan.

Finally my trip’s over. Thank you everyone who finished reading. I hope I will have the chance to come back and write about my trip again.

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