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Rorona no Atelier game review


I wrote Rorona review in Thai for about a week ago but I’m very busy and lazy to write it in English. Now I have some time to write it. Sorry for late.

After I finished playing Rorona and I’m playing chapter 2 of the second time now. I decided to review this game so you will know why I like this game very much enough to revived my old Twitter account and tweeted about this game.

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Unpack Rorona no Atelier GS combo A set

Unpack Rorona no Atelier GS combo set A

I got it on last Saturday and I’m currently playing it. One of the good JRPG for PS3. For people who don’t know about this special set or the game, you can read about it in this post.

The GS combo set A contains Premium Box game version, soundtrack CD, score book, poster book and visual art book. Check GUST shop website for more info about this combo set.

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Alter’s Gwendolyn of ODIN SPHERE

Alter’s Gwendolyn of ODIN SPHERE

I haven’t written a figure review for a long time. It wasn’t that I didn’t buy any but I’m very busy with my senior project and tests. That why I didn’t updated this blog too. Today I want to present you the very beautiful figure from Alter. It’s Gwendolyn from ODIN SPHERE.

In Thailand we give the nickname to Gwendolyn. It’s Ginnara but this word is  Ginnaree in Thai. The shop I bought (Hobby Hour – GSC dealer) also wrote this word on the bill when I ordered her.

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Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka’s Yuuhi Katagiri mouse pad

Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka's Yuuhi Katagiri mouse pad

I think that one of dreams that many foreign otakus want to make it true is to get their favorite character cushion oppai mouse pad. Now my friend can make it true but before he’s going to use it. I forced him to lend me for write a review about it. This entry I will open the box of Akasaka’s main heroine oppai mouse pad.

Sorry! my friend. lol.

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