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Me, McDonald’s and the lost chicken

Two weeks ago my mom bought the fried chicken family set A at McDonald’s the Mall Ngamwongwan branch and found that they gave her only 4 pieces of chicken. So she’s very very upset about it. (The employee also made her upset before because the employee denied to recieved the order in the regular menu) So we phoned to the shop and told them about it. The person who recieved the call promise to deliver a piece of fried chicken at 19.00 because we have left from the department store.

After I came back from the University on the last Friday I found out that no chicken were sent to my home on the last two Sundays. My home also phoned to asked them about it and they said we must pick it up by ourselves because the messengers returned to their homes. Great! Ronald-san.

I think I will report this through their site and wait for their response.

PS.Because of this my familily is very upset and I’m also upset so I wrote this.

PS. 2I don’t want McDonald’s to have any responsibilty for it because it’s just one piece of chicken (for them).

How’s the service the Ronald served you in your country. Please share!

How foolish I am !

Last week I open the plam rest of my Thinkpad and found the screw hole that lock the keyboard bezel and keyboard was empty. I thought that the service officer forgot to put the screw back when he changed the hinge on last June. I phoned to the service center to told them about this and asked them if they can send this screw for me. The answer is they can’t and I must take my Thinkpad to the service center at IBM Aree again.

Yesterday I went to IBM Aree and told them about this and the answer is that is use by the screw that lock the plam rest which can be removed form the under of the laptop and it must be remove before open the plam rest so after I open the plam rest I saw it empty. OMG how foolish I am.

So I played hookey and went shopping at Saparn Lek.

PS. The receptionist of the service center often tells the customers to have some coffee but they usually don’t. I think that maybe most of customers are asked by their companys to take the problem machines here and they want to finish them quickly.

PS.2 About that screw. I thought I saw it on Hardware Maintenance Manual that that hole has the another screw to lock the bezel and keyboard but if serviceman told me it don’t have, it don’t have.

Happy Valentine Day

♪ KOKIA / The Power of Smile

I hope you and your love one are happy on this day and other days too.

PS. I’m going to install the gallery on my site today. I hope it will go well.