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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Chevlolet AVEO Transformers

Hi. Last week I went to KRUNGSRI IMAX to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but I never have time to write about it due to I had to prepare for driving license exam. I have just finished the exam so I continue to write about it.

In Thailand Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen started showing on June 23rd at 17.00 but IMAX version stared at 20.30. Tickets are sold out. It’s very unusual for IMAX version film in Thailand. Luckily I got the tickets through Thai Ticket Major service.

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PLAY Meeting & Cosplay

PLAY Magazine vol.1 Thailand Edition

Last week I went to PLAY Meeting & Cosplay which is the new console game magazine introduction event. It’s  play magazine Thai Edition. It’s published by Future Gamer. This magazine is replaced the EGM Thai Edition which is the magazine owner stop publishing. So the FG team  bought publishing right from play magazine to publish it in Thai.

The event took place on June 14th at Akiba Kiss  that is the most famous maid kissa in Thailand. The shop is on 7th floor of Central World Plaza.

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Site updated! Recategorized.

Yesterday I recategorized all posts in my site so the links that link to the specific post will be broken. Sorry for inconvenience.

The reason for recategorized all post is there are too many categories and tag and it’s very hard to navigate so I reduced the category from many to 4 categories.

  • Life – All about my life and the event I visited.
  • Media – All media posts such as anime, manga, light novel, music, game,  etc.
  • Hobby – All hobby and toy posts such as doll, figure, plastic model, etc. Blythe is categorized to this category too.
  • Gear – Everything about gadgets or gears are in this category.

Some of old categories are changed to the tag which make users to navigate my site easier. By combining the tag. (Exp:

  • Gallery – All picture post.
  • Review – All review post.

Combine these tags with the topic you like to see such as event, figure, Blythe, etc.

The last site update is the Play-Asia ads was removed from my site because they are changed their policy. I can’t post PA link on the page that has Google Adsense. I will find the way to post PA link on my website without breaking their policy.

Thanks for reading and support my site.