Japan Trip 2 : Sound Planetarium at Sony Building Ginza and AKB48 Cafe Akihabara


The map I borrowed from my Twitter pal.

For those who wonder why I have to hunt for the single. The reason is each stores have the different external bonus photos. It would be great if you can choose the one that has your favorite member right ?

My twitter pal suggested me to hunt the single around Shinjuku area because many music stores are here. I began the hunt at HMV in Lumine EST. If you read about my first Japan trip, you will know that it’s the same shop I spent a lot of money in my first trip. The bonus photo is sticked on the CD case. Since they aren’t my favorite members. I passed and by other CDs instead.

The next’s Tsutaya. This branch is mainly for renting and 2nd hand selling but it has a small shelves for the new products. Too bad they didn’t put the single on the shelf.

Darth Vader Lego at Bicqlo Shinjuku

The third’s Bicqlo where consists of Bic Camera and Uniqlo store. The CD section is on the upstairs. I don’t remember why I don’t bought the single here. However I did buy some clothes my sister asked me.

The forth’s Ramtara. There are 2 stores here. The fifth’s Yamada Denki. I didn’t buy from them. The last’s Yamano Gakki in Odakyu department store where I finally bought one CD here.


I went to Sofmap Akihabara for buying the single for my Twitter pal then went to Yodobashi. I got the problem with Yodobashi staff. He didn’t let me see their bonus photos due to AKS forbid it.

I wondered why he can’t since the morning I could ask the other shops for it. HMV I visited earlier also showed theirs on the CD box.

I made sure again by asking the same at Tower Records that is in the same building. The staff didn’t let me see too but I suspected that she didn’t like to help me. Because I asked her for other CDs and she kept tell me that the store don’t sell them. Although they are on the shelves.

AKB48 Suzukake Nanchara Shop Bonus Photos

The omake photos from store: Shinseido, Yamano Gakki, Sofmap, Tower Records. The last one is the post card I got from every stores.

After this incidents I asked my Twitter pal how he check for each stores bonus photos when I came back. He told he checked them from Yahoo Auction. However there are some stores such as HMV and Ramtara show their photos in their stores.

AKB48 Cafe Akihabara

I had the dinner at AKB48 Cafe.

AKB48 Cafe Akihabara

There was the special Christmas meal set. You can choose one appetizer from two, one main dish from 4 and one dessert from each AKB48 team.

AKB48 Cafe Akihabara

I got 3 coasters. Two from meal set above. One from drink bar. The coasters are random picked from all AKB48 members but the Christmas set allow you to randomly pick the coaster from your favorite team by choosing the dessert of the team you like.

AKB48 Cafe Akihabara

The cafe is quite silent on the day I visited.

AKB48 Cafe Akihabara

Main dish and appetizer came. They’re beef stew with spaghetti and mash potato. The potato is so-so. The beef stew is good but it can’t fill my empty stomach.

For the drink bar you will get the glass with the beverage you ordered. You can refill it by yourself at the counter.

AKB48 Cafe Akihabara

The dessert was Team A’s Strawberry Tiramisu. The taste is good but the size is too small.

In my opinion it’s like the cafe sell expensive coasters and give the meal along with it. The meal size is also very small. I suggest you to eating first before come here.

Burger King Whopper with Cheese

I was still hungry. So I bought Whopper with cheese on the way back to hotel.

That’s the fifth day of ┬ámy trip. The next day is my trip in Tokyo DisneySea. Please look forward to it.

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