Japan Trip 2 : Night at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea - Lost River Delta

Went to Lost River Delta again for playing Indiana Jones. I think it’s my most visit attraction here.

Tokyo DisneySea - Lost River Delta

There was the Christmas decorated tree in Lost River Delta. People needed to stand in the queue for taking photos in the morning.

Tokyo DisneySea - S.S. Columbia

I stopped at S.S. Columbia before left the park.

Tokyo DisneySea - S.S. Columbia

You can enter the ship from the portside gate or boarding tower.

Tokyo DisneySea - S.S. Columbia

Went to the ship deck upstair.

Tokyo DisneySea - S.S. Columbia

The scenery’s beautiful here. Many couples’re here too.

Tokyo DisneySea - Tower of Terror

I looked around inside the ship for a while. I thought it’s time to leave the park.

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Mira Costa

Walked through Tokyo DisneySea MiraCosta.

Tokyo DisneySea

Took photo the globe that is the symbol of Tokyo DisneySea. From what I read Disney planed to use the lighthouse for its symbol but Japanese company refused it.

The reason is the lighthouse is the symbol of desolation in Japan. They also brought Disney staffs to see one built in World War 2. Finally the globe that represent the 7 seas in the world is used instead.

Tokyo DisneySea Station

I took the Resort line back to Maihama station and took the train back to the hotel.

That’s all of my trip at Tokyo DisneySea. For those who still choosing which park to go between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. I think TDS has more thrilled rides and mature theme than TDL. Duffy’s also sold here. So I recommend Tokyo DisneySea.

Next time I will write about my trip at Minato Mirai 21 in Yokohama. Please look forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip 2 : Night at Tokyo DisneySea

  1. van

    Hi, what a great trip u had. 🙂 I planning to go to japan on april 21. Just wondering, is it hard to find a location of subway station? R u always have your own wifi so u can use it for searching the station? Since its my first trip in tokyo. Until now Im still confused about what pass should I buy when I in japan. Thanks 🙂

    1. AT1987 Post author

      Hello van.

      Most of stations are near the landmark of their areas. It’s not hard to find them. However I suggest you to plan your trip in detail. I use the site called Hyperdia to help me plan how I travel in Japan.

      Since the Hyperdia also tells you the travel fare. You can use it for making decision to buy the pass.

      About the pass. If your trip need to travel by shinkansen trains. The JR pass is a must. There is the JR pass that valid on all JR train in the country and ones that valid only in some parts of Japan.

      Some tourist attraction cities such as Hakone, Nikko, etc. have their own pass tickets which save you the transportation fare in their cities. Some passes will also included the round trip fare from Tokyo.

      Here’s my example using Hakone Free Pass.

      If you are only in Tokyo and the city around Tokyo. I think you don’t need any passes. The discount from most pass tickets in Tokyo isn’t much. Save your time by using cash card like Suica or Passmo instead.

      Hope my comment will help you.


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