Japan Trip 2 : JR Tokyo Station & Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo Station

On the Marunouchi side. The station building is still in the old style.

The Tokyo Station Hotel

The Tokyo Station Hotel where is inside the station building.


I crossed the road to KITTE where is the shopping mall owned by Japan Post. Japan Post developed the part of their JP Tower to it. The name of the shopping mall comes from the word stamp in Japanese. The sound of this word also similar to “Kite” in Japanese which means come on over.


Most shops inside were closed but the restaurants, cafe and this white Christmas tree still opened.

Tokyo Building

Walked to Tokyo Building nearby.

Tokyo Building TOKIA - Okonomiyaki Kiji

On the basement of this building called Tokyo Building TOKIA is full of restaurants, cafes and shops. One of the famous restaurant is Okonomiyaki Kiji that is the famous okonomiyaki from Ozaka. Although others were closed. People were still waiting to the restaurant.


I walked through the back of KITTE to Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station

It’s time to leave for Haneda Airport. I took my luggage in the coin lockers and took the train to Hamamatsusho Station.

Hamamatsucho Station - Manneken Pis

Mannekin Pis welcomed me at Hamamatsusho Station platform.

Hamamatsucho Station - Tokyo Monorail

To go to Haneda Airport I needed to take Tokyo Monorail.

Hamamatsucho Station - Tokyo Monorail

At first I thought why airport train don’t have elevator. When I turned back I found the gate and elevator to the platform.

Hamamatsucho Station - Tokyo Monorail

I didn’t wait too long for the train. However you have to be careful when lift the luggage to the train. Because the gap between train and platform is quite large.

Tokyo Monorail

The train is more spacious than other trains. There are the place to put the luggage in the middle of the car.

The next post will be the last one of my second Japan Trip. I will write about Tokyo International Airport. Please look forward to it.

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