Anime comment: DARKER THAN BLACK


Art & Animation
I watched it for four episodes and don’t find any flaws in animation. It’s great. I think Bones animation is improved. Action scenes are fast and fluently. I’m surprised that Bones makes cars from 3D like Production IG works but its cel-shade render is good. It’s hard to tell the difference the 3D models from 2D scene.

I think it’s good. The effect sounds are suitable. I like the scene that Mai burned the construction zone and when Hei uses his power I think this is the first animation I saw that when user use some kind of electric power doesn’t see any spark just little buzz sound. It’s so real. Voice casters is OK too. The casting team chose the right people for their roles.

It’s Yoko Kanno’s. Nothing to say. Watch the episode and it will tell you how great is it. Opening theme is HOWLING by Abingdon Boys School ( Takanori Nishikawa’s new band). The sound is heavier than Innocent Sorrow. I like Double pedals bass drum sound. Ending theme is by Rie Fu. I don’t commented this because I’m not the fan of song which slower than 100bpm but I will try out when the full song is released.

There are many violent scenes in this anime. (Yeah! kid don’t watch them.) This is the my first time to see Bones do many violent scene. I still remember the scene that Renton see the KEF pilot’s hand under the Nirvash foot after it stomped on Cockpit and Corelians kill the people. In DARKER THAN BLACK these are more violent. You even see human is cut into pieces, human is burnt alive and more.

It’s a great Sci-Fi anime in this season but if Bones still kill the cute girls maybe I won’t continue watching them. (Chiaki doll was killed by removed her heart and Mai friend (She’s my ideal girl spec.) is burnt alive.) because I can’t stand watch cute girls die in violent ways. Just joking. Even I really feel this but I don’t think this reason can make me not to continue watching it.

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