GA Graphic updated the Chouyusha Haruhi figure photos!

Chouyusha Haruhi Figma

GA Graphic updated the photos of Chouyusha Haruhi figure which will come with PS2 game “Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi” by Banpresto. So you will have more idea of Figma system. I thought the prototype is great. the joints are looked strong and can pose many action. The game will be released on 31st January next year so Haruhi fan don’t miss this.

You can get it from Play-Asia.

Shopping on holidays.

Sorry! Because I lived with my uncle at his house in front of my university now so I haven’t the opportunity to write any post or shoot any figures but I still have some photos with me. I decided to upload those photos and write the reviews soon. Althought the photos quality aren’t high but they are acceptable.

Last Saturday I went to Central World Plaza to check the new books and take the book I ordered at Kinokuniya as usual
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Dengue fever and Heaven’s Prison limited edition.


Last week I had a Dengue fever which many people around my village had. I have been in the hospital for 3 days and it’s the living hell. Why? Because I was took the blood for test every 4 hours. It’s OK for me but for couldn’t go to the toilet is bad because they used the pump with my saline injection so I can’t move around. It’s bad for people who go to toilet frequently like me.However I got better and now I’m home playing Starcraft. So people don’t let the mosquito bite you!Yesterday I went to Kinokuniya to take the book I ordered. It’s Heaven’s Prison vol.3 limited edition. I will reviewed the figure come with this book soon but now let’s take a little look.

box pict0060.jpg pict0062.jpg pict0063.jpg

I thought this kit is very innovative even it can’t compare the revoltech series by Kaiyodo. I am also little disappoint in this kit because the quality is not the same as the prototype model and I prefer black joint rather than white joint. Althought white joint make the kit hide the joint but black joint is looked more cool than white.

If I have the time I will make the full review of it. It’s very interesting kit.