Roland US revealed the new PCR-series manual.

Edirol PCR-800

I has been looking for MIDI controller for 2 years and I still didn’t buy any because I don’t find any good controllers that suit my need and I don’t have enough money to buy them. (If I remember right the next four month, the items I ordered will come and I must go to pay for them.)

While I really like the function and the key of Novation SL 61 I saw the new PCR-800 (61 keys, 300 for 32keys and 500 for 49 keys) I think it’s looked good 18 pads (can use as buttons), transport buttons, 3 buttons,9 knobs, 9 slider, 1 cross fader (Sure, for their partner VJ software Motiondive.Tokyo) and auto mapping. Oh great! Price is cheaper than Novation and its weight is lighter than Novation.

Ok! I downloaded manual and find many interesting things:
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BT: Video from This Binary Universe – 1.618

I has been the fan of BT since I listened to “Kimosabe” while driving RX-7 in Need for Speed: Underground. I always wonder in his thinking, composing and sound designing. He’s the great musician in my opinion and he also is the one who make me to decided to make music.

This video is came from his latest album This Binary Universe and it’s great as always. Even I like him to do trance track more than do soundtrack track but it’s great.

Unfortunately no one imported this album in my country so I hope I will order it from somewhere when I have the money.

Enjoy the music and visual too!

PS. You need Divx to watch this video. If you don’t have, click “Get DivX” on the right side.

PS.2 Since DivX shut down their Stage6 service. I put the video on YouTube instead of the old one.

StudioGU released the demo version of Angel’s Tale.

Angel's Tale

After StudioGU announced that the studio first game “Angel’s Tale” will be released on April 28th at Comic Party 5th event. They released the demo version of the game to give players the taste of game before they buy the full version.

The link for download is here. Don’t hotlink the file. Thanks.
The event link is here.

PS. The language in the game is Thai and I haven’t play it yet. Use at your own risk. If you have the problem running it you can post here.