Japan Trip 2 : Nagano Broadway

Nakano Broadway

Some shops inside were opened at the time I came back.

Nakano Broadway

If you can’t go to Tokyo DisneySea but want Duffy plush doll badly, many shops sell them for an extra price. However the limited version ones may cost you a lot.

Nakano Broadway

The largest 2nd hand store here is Mandarake. They have many shops here and their head office is here too.

Nakano Broadway

Each Mandarake branches stock the different kind of products. Basic products are manga and anime related. Nakano branch also has old toys, hard to find items, idol related, etc. However it doesn’t have 18+ products.

Nakano Broadway

The quality of products is from good to unopened. The price is usually cheaper than the new one but if it’s hard to find or has high value,  the price will be more expensive such as 3Bjunior live DVDs that were sold only in the event.

Nakano Broadway

For J-idols fans who collect photos and trading cards. There is a shop called Utahime Dome that sells photos, trading cards and CDs. I bought 9nine’s CDs here and got sealing bags for keeping my CDs, 9nine photos and trading cards.

I’m very impress with how shopkeeper who is around 60 -70 chose the trading cards for me. She chose all cards that has my favorite members. I think she might notice them from the choice of my photos.

Nakano Sunmall

Walked through Nakano Sunmall again to go back to the station.

JR Nakano Station

Because this branch of Mandarake didn’t have the items I wanted. I decided to find them at Shibuya branch.

Sukiyaki at Yoshinoya Shibuya

I stopped at Yoshinoya for a lunch. This time I ordered Kimchi nabe but got Sukiyaki instead. Its taste’s stronger than I thought but it’s very hot and hurt my tongue.


I found the 2nd hand ticket shop on my way to Mandarake.

AKB48 Ads at Shibuya

 AKB48 ‘s new single ads near Mandarake Shibuya.

I finally found AKB49 vol.1 premium edition I wanted from this branch. Shibuya branch focuses on girl products like male idols and yaoi. There is a small 18+ section for boy too.

I also stopped at Book-Off nearby. I saw a lot of AKB48 theater version single CDs sold here but I already have the most of them. So I didn’t buy them.


I went back to the Shibuya station to take the train to next destination Harajuku.

Next time I will write about Meiji Shrine. Please look forward to it.

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