Japan Trip 3 : Go to Iwate by Tohoku Shinkansen

Super Komachi Shinkansen

The red E6 series of Super Komachi Line came first.

Hayabusa Shinkansen

Then the connected Hayabusa E5 series followed.

Hayabusa Shinkansen

The seat arrangement is the same as earlier Yamabiko.

Hayabusa Shinkansen

But Hayabusa seat has a movable headrest and bottle holder.

Hayabusa Shinkansen

A windows seat also has 100 V power outlet for charging smart devices too.

Shinkansen Disconnecting

I was on the train for about an hour. Finally I was in Morioka. I was rush to see the trains seperating after leaving the train.

Shinkansen Disconnecting

After separation Super Komachi will run to Akita and Hayabusa will continue running to Aomori.

Morioka Station

I arrived at almost 23:00. All stores in the station were closed.

Morioka Station

It’s very silent outside the station. There were a few people around here.


I planed to have the dinner at the famous restaurant here. However the last order time was over so I bought my dinner at Daily Yamazaki nearby instead.

Next time I will write about attractions in Morioka. Please look forward to it.

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