Taiwan Trip 1 : Fujin Street & Ximending

Taipei Main Station

I took a chance to walk around Taipei Main Station since it’s large and has several stores inside.

Taipei Animate

I returned to Ximending and walk around there before brought my baggage to the airport.

First I went to Animate Taipei that was larger and had more goods than Bangkok branch. Too bad it didn’t have idols related goods. Only anime and voice casters goods.

Adidas Ximending

I visited Adidas store hoping to see NMD which was very popular at the time I visited. Unlucky I couldn’t find one. Maybe it sold in limited quantities like my country. Other goods were the same as my country store.


I had my lunch in the late afternoon at CoCoIHIBANYA in Ximending.

CoCoICHIBANYA Ximending – Onion Soup

Began the lunch with an onion soup.

CoCoICHIBANYA Ximending – Bacon Sauce Omelet Curry

My main dish is Bacon Sauce Omelet Curry Rice which was the special menu at that time. The curry taste was the same as my country branch.

CoCoICHIBANYA Ximending – Green Tea Pudding

Finished the lunch with green pudding with red bean paste on the top.

ABC-Mart Ximending

I still had some time left after having lunch. So I went to X21 building to see the shoes at ABC-Mart.

Mickey Mouse at UNIQLO XImending

Then I visited to UNIQLO on the floor below. It promoted Mickey Mouse UT line at that time. So Mickey Mouse statue stood in the store in the photo above.

Next time will be the last post of Taiwan trip blog. I will write about how I went back to my home. Please look forward to it.

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