Japan Trip 2 : Rainy day in Asakusa and eating at Unagi Irokawa


My plan of the 5th day is hunting AKB48’s Suzukake Nanchara singles that are sold one day earlier in Japan.

This is another day that I can wake up normally. Before hunting I planed to go to Asakusa first. However it’s rain on that day and I fell at the train platform. Not a good day for me.

Shin Nakamise Street

Exit from Tokyo Metro station at Kannon Dori street.


Just turned right and found Kaminarimon.

Nakamise Street

There weren’t many people because of raining.

Nakamise Street

I saw more people while walking to the temple.

Sensoji Temple

Finally I was in temple ground.

Sensoji Temple

It wasn’t crowd so I could take my time here.

Unagi Irokawa

Then I walked back to the opposite side of Kaminarimon to Unagi Irokawa that is very famous for unaju. The grilled eel on the rice. Luckily I didn’t have to queue because there weren’t many people waiting on that day.

Unagi Irokawa

The English menu was given to me. I order the large size of Unaju. There is the Unaju restaurant called Obana near my hotel but the price is more expensive than this.

Unagi Irokawa

Irokawa opens for more than 100 years. This is the latest generation owner.

Unagi Irokawa

He grills eels by switching between pasting the sauce and controling the heat by fan until they are well done.

Unagi Irokawa

Here’s my Unaju with soup and pickles.

Although this is my first Unaju. It’s very delicious. The grilled eels are very soft. You can feel the sweet of the sauce from them.

Unagi Irokawa

If you can’t stand it’s fishy. There is the herb that can help reducing it but I prefer not to use it.

ROX Asakusa

After finished my meal. I searched for CD store around this area and found Shinseido on ROX Asakusa.

When I visited the store, they hadn’t put the single on the shelf yet. So I asked for them at the counter and bought type A version.

Shin Nakamise

With the help from information in ROX Asakusa. I could walk back to Shin Nakamise street to go to Tokyo Metro station here.

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Series 1000

I use the same path as the last time and took the train to Ginza.

Next time I will write about the planetarium event at Sony Building, my quest of hunting AKB48 single in Shinjuku and having dinner at AKB48 Cafe. Please look forward to it.

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