Japan Trip 2 : Nogizaka46 National Handshake Event at Yokohama


As usual there was an announcement  before the show begin. Double Sayuri РInoue and Matsumura took this role for this event.


Now the mini live began. The set list are all songs in Barrette single. Began with Barrette.


Hatsukoi no Hito wo Imademo. Hoshimina is center.


Then MC part. As all of you have already known. It’s the first live DVD announcement. The beginning of VTR is very funny. It showed the comment from internet forum. One of it’s “You guy bring the video cameras every events.” (Why there are no live shotage from it.) I laugh.

Also Hoshimina’s dad and Kasumin’s dad came to see their daughter working. Kasumin’s dad bought 20 CDs and give away to others too. Ikoma-chan also warn her fan to not forget how important of December.


The 2nd generation members introduced themselves because this is the first national handshake event they joined.


Watashi no Tame ni, Dareka no Tame ni Yasashisa to wa.


Yasashisa to wa. The C/W song from regular version.


Tsuki no Ookisa. Naruto newest OP song. They played this song very short.


The last song is Sonna Baka na… It seemed that they replay their PV on the stage. Nanamin wore the sunglasses like in the PV too.

After mini live, staffs asked all guests to wait outside for transform  the mini live area to handshake event area. Some people were in the queue for handshake event. Others went outside to have lunch or whatever they did.

Now it’s time for handshake event.

9 thoughts on “Japan Trip 2 : Nogizaka46 National Handshake Event at Yokohama

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  5. Haruto

    So, to attend the National HS event, we just bring the tickets from any limited edition singles to the venue right? There’s no need to do reservation, etc??

  6. Colin

    What does one ticket give you in terms of handshake time? I have two from the latest single, so do I need to exchange one for the mini-live and use the other for one handshake lane?

    1. AT1987 Post author

      If it haven’t changed.

      A duration for one ticket is 3 seconds per member. Also the live ticket can be used as handshake ticket.

      Recently I see the ticket can be exchanged for a poster in the event too.

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