Japan Trip 2 : Nogizaka46 National Handshake Event at Yokohama

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

The mini live area was transform to handshake area, official good shop and the area for guests. To enter the handshake area. You need to show the ticket from single or mini live ticket got in the morning. The staff will let you in. Then you can going to the lane that have the members you want to meet.

Nogizaka46 uses the same rule as the 48 group. 1 ticket = 3 seconds per member. I’m not sure that you can use multiple ticket to get more time like the 48 group events.

First round: Lane no. 6
Waiting time: 35 min.

This is the most value lane in the event since it consisted 3 famous 1st gen. members. The time control staff isn’t much strict.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand.

Iku-chan : Thai. Is it in the north of …. (She made wondered face then point the finger to the ceiling.)

Me : (Pulled by staff.) I’m rooting for you.

Iku-chan : Thank you.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand.

Maaya : (Surpriesed.) I’m so happy.

Me : I’m rooting for you.

Maaya : Thank you.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand.

Ashurin : Yes. Thailand. I’m so happy.

Me : I’m rooting for you.

Ashurin : Thank you.

I’m sure that Ashurin knows Thailand since her mother comes from Myanmar but I don’t think that Iku-chan really know it. So sad.

Second Round: Lane no. 8
Waiting time: 20 min.

This lane consists the member who birthed on December. The time control staff is super strict. He make me know that 3 seconds is really short time.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand. It’s early but happy birthday. (Pulled by staff.)

Ikoma-chan : Thank you.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand. Happy birthday.

Sayunyan : Thank you. (Hold my hands firmly.)

Me : (Pulled by staff.) I’m rooting for you.

Sayunyan : (Still hold my hands) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ….

So I understand what is Kami Taiyo. While I left the lane. I saw Higuchi Hina at the 9th lane. I waved my hand greeting her. She saw and responded me.

Third round: Lane no. 17

This lane is 2nd gen. members’s. My acquaintance suggested me to see Kotoko so I went to this lane.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand.

Karin :Thailand. Where is it …. (Thinking.) Ah ! Thailand

Me : I’m rooting for you.

Karin : Thank you.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand. I’m rooting for you.

Kotoko : Thank you.


Me : I’m fan from Thailand. I will always support you.

Maichun : Thank you. Thai ….. Taiko ?

Me : (What’s the hell is Taiko ?) Ah… Um. (Pulled by staff.)

I think Kotoko reaction is quite stiff. First I think may be I’m foreigner. However her reaction for the earlier guest is the same.

Last round: Lane no.2
Waiting time: 20 min.


I planed that my last ticket will be use for meeting the top 3 members of Nogizaka46. Luckily the second lane queue was quite short. So I went to this lane.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand.

Noujo : (Amazed.)

Me : I’m rooting for you.

Noujo : Thank you.


Me : Hello. I’m fan from Thailand. I’m rooting for you. (Pulled by staff.)

Maiyan : (Hold my hand.) Ah … Thank you ! (In English !)

After handshaked with Maiyan. I thinks she is smart and has the quality to be great idol. I understand now why she’s so popular.

Although there are a lot of people in queue for many lanes. Some lanes weren’t not. I saw lane no. 7 where Chiharu and Myu Myu were in. There were no people are in the queue. I heard Japanese people pitied them. However their queue is full near the end of the event.

Japan Trip #2 - part 7

After I spended all of my handshake tickets. I had to waiting here for Ensky event in the evening. Now it’s time for lunch. I went to HerVage cafe on the second floor of exhibition hall.

Japan Trip #2 - part 7

I ordered the oven lunch set with minestrone soup and salad for 980 yen. It’s quite expensive but it can fill my empty stomach. The taste is OK but you need to eat it with salad.

After finished my lunch. I went back to the event hall.

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  5. Haruto

    So, to attend the National HS event, we just bring the tickets from any limited edition singles to the venue right? There’s no need to do reservation, etc??

  6. Colin

    What does one ticket give you in terms of handshake time? I have two from the latest single, so do I need to exchange one for the mini-live and use the other for one handshake lane?

    1. AT1987 Post author

      If it haven’t changed.

      A duration for one ticket is 3 seconds per member. Also the live ticket can be used as handshake ticket.

      Recently I see the ticket can be exchanged for a poster in the event too.

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