Japan Trip 3 : Hirosaki Castle moving preparation

Hirosaki Park - South Ticket Office

Honmaru area was still opened as usual although there was a castle moving process inside. The ticket to the area cost 310 Yen.

Kurosaki Castke - Honmaru

There was the wood platform in front of the castle for castle viewing.

Kurosaki Castke - Honmaru

At the time I visited the temporary castle base was being built in the middle of Honmaru.

Hirosaki Castle

The castle was closed so I couldn’t see the inside.

Hirosaki Castle - Mount Iwaki

There is a Mount Iwaki viewing spot here. Too bad the mountain was blocked by thick cloud on that day.

Kurosaki Castke - Honmaru

I walked around here for a while before across Takaokabashi bridge to Kita no Kuruwa area.

Hirosaki Park - Ninomaru

I stayed in Kira no Kuruwa for a while before went back to Ninomaru to exit the park.

Japan's Oldest Somei Yoshino Cherry Blossom Tree

Near the inner east gate you will find the Japan oldest Somei Yoshino cherry blossom tree. The tree age is more than 100 years. I think it will be very beautiful when it blooms.

Hirosaki Park - Sannomaru

I walked to the east gate to exit the park.

NHK Culture Center Hirosaki

I walked to NHK Culture Center nearby the park to get the bus back to station.

NHK Culture Center Hirosaki Bus Stop

The bus stop is in front of NHK building. After waited in the line for 10 minutes, 100-yen Dotemachi Loop Bus had arrived.

Hirosaki Station

It didn’t take a long time to return to Hirosaki Station. I had enough time to redeem JR East Pass gift at Hirosaki City Tourist Information Center.

JR Hakucho

The reason I hurried back to the station is I reserved JR Hakucho train at the station. It made me sure I would have the train back to Aomori on time.

JR Hakucho

The train used in this line is 485-3000 series EMU. Interior may be not the new design like the others but it is very clean. The seats is as large as JR Green Car standard.

Next time I will write about traveling back to Tokyo from Aomori. Please look forward to it.

1 thought on “Japan Trip 3 : Hirosaki Castle moving preparation

  1. Alice

    The park looks beautiful and peaceful without people. I can imagine it to be fresh too with all the green trees and the water. It’s also lovely during winter when there’s snow, I enjoyed it very much!


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