Japan Trip 3 : Try Aomori original scallops dishes at Osanai Shokudo

Osanai Shokudo

After I left all of my baggage at the hotel. Now it’s time to have the dinner at Osanai Shokudo where is the restaurant that invents scallops dishes in Aomori.

Osanai Shokudo

The restaurant is on Shin-machi dori street near Aomori Station’s East Exit. You can walk straight from the exit to it.

Osanai Shokudo

Inside restaurant is not too large or too small. At the time I went, not all table were occupied. But people kept coming and leaving it. (I took an above photo when it was nearly closed.)

Osanai Shokudo

Water and hot tea are self service. You can get it from the counter innermost of the restaurant.

Osanai Shokudo

It’s hard for me to order what I want to eat. Because there are many scallop dished but I couldn’t order many dishes since I was alone. So I chose Aomori specialty dish Miso Grilled Scallops Set Meal. It’s scallops stewed with miso and egg.

In the picture you will see sea urchin on the top of it. Look like it follows me from Kuji.

Osanai Shokudo

I also grilled butter scallops. They’re grilled so they had a little of their liquid. You can feel a butter taste when eating them.

In my opinion they are very delicious and the price isn’t so expensive. Scallop fan shouldn’t miss this.

Aomori Shin-machi Dori

After finished my dinner. I took a time to look around Shin-machi dori before going back to the hotel.

Aomori Shin-machi Dori

At night here there weren’t much people on the street. Most of shops were closed. I don’t know if it happened only the day I was here or not.

Aspam Dori

I went to the Aspam Dori to see one of Aomori landmarks.

Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center ASPM

The building looks like a villain base is Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center.

Aomori Bay Bridge

At first I wanted to see inside it. However I feel lonely while I was going to cross the road in front of it. So I returned to the old path.

Aomori Shin-machi Dori

I didn’t forget to buy some snack and drink for the night at hotel. I also tried to buy Idol Yokocho ticket from Loppi machine but it was unsuccessful.

Aomori Bay Bridge

I walked back to the Aomori Station before went back to the hotel. End of the fifth day of my trip.

Next time I will write about Hirosaki Fort moving preparation at Hirosaki Park. Please look forward to it.

One thought on “Japan Trip 3 : Try Aomori original scallops dishes at Osanai Shokudo

  1. Alice

    The scallops look very tasty! I wish I had known this restaurant when I was in Aomori a year ago. Maybe I’ll go back to see the blooming Sakura trees when spring comes.


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