Amachan Location Tour : Having lunch at Kosode Ama Center

Nama Unidon (Fresh Sea Urchin Rice Bowl)

The set I got contained a sea urchin rice bowl, pieces of pickled cucumber, miso soup and wasabi paste.

To eat the fresh sea urchin rice bowl. I followed person beside me who poured shoyu to wasabi paste, mixed them together and poured them to the rice bowl. I really love this dish. Maybe the freshness of sea urchin made this dish very tasty.

Kosode Ama Center - Observation Deck

After I finished my meal. I went to the roof deck where is made into a observation deck.

Kosode Fishing Port

Barrier and small light house I visited in the last post.

Kosode Ama Center

On the way back I found the slope which connects every floors in the building.

Kosode Fishing Port

A view of fishing port from the slope. An intersection on the left is one of Amachan filming location.

Kosode Ama Center

A view of area where ama divers do fishing demonstration.

Kosode Ama Center

This is how Ama Cafe got the sea urchin for my rice bowl. They were caught by ama divers during their demonstration.

Kosode Ama Center - 1st floor

I went back to the first floor where souvenirs such as snacks and fresh foods are sold here.

Kosode Ama Center - 1st floor

NHK licensed Amachan goods were also sold here.

Next time I will write about another Amachan filming location which is on the cliff near Kosode Coast. Amachan fans please look forward to it.

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