Amachan Location Tour : Kosode Coast Fishing Port

Kosode Coast Meoto-iwa

Meoto-iwa are the duo stones made of cooled magma. They are shaped by nature corrotion like other stones in Sanriku Coast.

Kosode Coast Meoto-iwa

In Japanese Meoto-iwa is marriage god. The left stone represents male and the right stone represents female.

Kosode Coast Meoto-iwa

These rocks are Amachan filming location too.

Kosode Coast Fishing Port

The other side of fishing port is the place where larger fishing boat docked. If you went to it on work days. Be careful of small trucks running here.

Kosode Coast Lighthouse

An iconic small lighthouse is on the end of barrier. It’s a pity that the barrier stair was blocked. So I couldn’t get closer to it.

Kosode Ama Center

I took a few photos of the lighthouse then walked back to Kosode Ama Center.

Northern Ama Fishing Demonstration

While I was crossing the bridge. I saw a sea urchin fishing demonstration by ama divers. I think the oldest one is the most experience in this group.

Northern Ama Fishing Demonstration

I felt lucky to see the demonstration because I visited too earlier than demo schedule. The schedule is usually on weekends of July – September every years. However a group of 10 people or more can ask them to do the demonstration on the weekday.

Northern Ama Fishing Demonstration

After the ama divers finished fishing sea urchin. They peeled off their shell and let’s tourists who pay the demo fee to taste them like in the drama.

Next time I will write about my visit to Kosode Ama Center. Amachan fans please look forward to it.

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