Taiwan Trip 1 : Taoyuan International Airport

EVA Air A330-200 Seats

The return flight plane was A330-200 with 2 – 3 – 2 seats layout. In my opinion I felt it’s more tight than the 777-300ER I boarded on the departure flight. The entertainment system is also older.

EVA Air A330-200 – Under the Seats

Aisle seats also had the same weak point which is the equipment box under the seat. It’s more worst in A330-200 since it’s larger so you cannot put the bag here.

EVA Air A330-200 Hello Kitty Safety Instructions

What’s surprise me in this flight is Hello Kitty safety instruction. I had to make sure that this plane was not Hello Kitty Jet.

Hello Kitty in Toilet

I found a Hello Kitty item in the toilet. Maybe this plane used to be Hello Kitty Jet before.

EVA Air Beef Stew

It seemed the cabin crews were in hurry to serve breads, meals, beverage and coffee & tea in the short travel time like the earlier flight. This time I chose a beef stew with rice.

EVA Air Beef Stew

I thought it’s very delicious since I was very hungry at that time. Potato salad and cake were also good too.

EVA Air A330-200

After finished the meal, I had to wait for Hello Kitty goods I ordered from EVA Air website. They came after the meal time finished for a while. The payment was very easy if you used a credit card.

That’s all of my first Taiwan trip. Put my work aside. I think Taiwan is a good destination for tourist although the language barrier is the problem for people who don’t know Chinese. That’s only a small problem. If I have a chance to visit here again, I will go.

The next blog series will be my Germany – Austria trip where I went to on the earlier of this year. I don’t know how long it takes to finish it but please look forward to it.

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