Japan Trip 2 : Nogizaka46 National Handshake Event at Yokohama

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

On the third day of the trip. I went to Nogizaka46 National Handshake Event in Yokohama. It’s the main reason of this trip.

PS. Because any recording are forbidden in some parts of the event. Especially the parts that members are in. The photo from official blog are used instead.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

To participate the event. You need the ticket which come with any limited version of the single: Type A, B and C. Because Barrette contains the OP song of Naruto. There is the anime version of single and the ticket also come with it.

On the same day. There is the special event for those who get the invitation card from Ensky’s Nogizaka46 trading card too.

Japan Trip #2 - part 7

Since the queue start time’s moved from 7 AM to 6 AM. I planed to wake up around 4 AM to go to the venue at 6 AM. However I woke up and slept so I was late.

Japan Trip #2 - part 7

There are 2 ways to go to Pacifico Yokohama where is the event venue. One is taking Tokyu Line at Shibuya station. Other is taking JR Tokaido Line then changing to Minatomirai Line at Yokohama Station. I chose later because it’s faster.

Japan Trip #2 - part 7

Exited the Minatomirai station. The escalator bring me to QUEEN’S EAST. The shops’re closed.

Japan Trip #2 - part 7

Don’t see many people.

Japan Trip #2 - part 7

Here’s Pacifico Yokohama. The exhibition hall is on the left side.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

I entered the exhibition hall from above. Didn’t see much people.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

But I was wrong. The end of the queue was outside the buiding. A lot of people were in the line.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

While I was in the queue. Three guys on the right of the photo gave me the birthday card for Ikoma-chan. I asked them in English to make sure what I knew was right or not.

When they learnt that I’m foriegner. They were going to flee from me. So I told them “Ikoma-chan Birthday”. We saw each others’ eyes. Knowing we have the same oshimen. They gave me the card and pen.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

After the staff left people outside in the cold weather for an hour. They let us went inside the buidling. It’s time for breakfast. At the same time I heard the members have the rehearsal inside the hall.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

About half past nine. The hall gate’s opened. I exchanged the ticket from the single to mini live ticket. The same ticket will be use for the first round of handshake event in the afternoon.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

The I went to the zone that indicated on the ticket. I got C-1.

I heard from other people that they keep the most front zone for children and teenage girls. I also saw the special lane for them for exchanging the ticket.

Nogizaka46 Barrette National Handshake Event

I searched for the best position within the zone for viewing mini live. The mimi live began at 11 AM.

Now it’s mini live time.

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  5. Haruto

    So, to attend the National HS event, we just bring the tickets from any limited edition singles to the venue right? There’s no need to do reservation, etc??

  6. Colin

    What does one ticket give you in terms of handshake time? I have two from the latest single, so do I need to exchange one for the mini-live and use the other for one handshake lane?

    1. AT1987 Post author

      If it haven’t changed.

      A duration for one ticket is 3 seconds per member. Also the live ticket can be used as handshake ticket.

      Recently I see the ticket can be exchanged for a poster in the event too.

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