Japan Trip 2 : Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower's Main Observatory 2F

The elevator brought me to the 2nd floor of Main Observation. Although the sky is clear and temperature is cool. The sun shines very strong so it’s very hot here.

Tokyo Skytree view from Tokyo Tower


View from east side of Tokyo Tower

View from the east side. The temple below is Zozoji Temple.

Mysterious Baseball at Tokyo Tower

Mysterious baseball that used to be on the top of Tokyo Tower. Now it’s shown here.

Mount Fuji view from Tokyo Tower

I saw Mount Fuji for the first time here.


This is Tawabo. The Tokyo Tower travel robot. Hadn’t chance to use him since many children playing with him.

Goods Shop at Tokyo Tower

There were many 55th Anniversary items sold at Goods Shop. I didn’t buy any.

Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower

I’m surprise that there is the shrine on the tower.

View from west side of Tokyo Tower

View from the west side of Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Since Special Observatory was closed for maintenance. I went to the first floor of Main Observatory instead.

Odaiba view from Tokyo Tower


Cafe La Tour

Cafe La Tour.

Tokyo Tower

The photo booth also brought the Christmas prop for customers.

Tokyo Tower's medal machines

I went back to the 2nd floor again for buying the medal. The medal can be bought from the orange and blue vending machine. Because it’s only accept coins, you can use the bank note exchange machine nearby.

You can also get your name and date on the medal with the engraving machine. Just put the coin in it. Type your name. Then the machine will engrave the text you input.

Be careful not to align the coin in machine wrongly because when you put the coin and take it out. The machine will think it’s finished and your fee is gone!

Tokyo Midtown view from Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Midtown.

Lookdown Windows at Tokyo Tower

Lookdown Window on the 1st floor.

Tokyo Tower

It’s time to leave the observatory.


The elevator will stop at the 3rd floor of Foot Town where is TOWER GALLERY 3·3·3 is on. TOWER GALLERY 3·3·3 is consisted of Mother Farm Cafe and The Tower Shop.

Tokyo Tower

It’s time to move to other place. Good bye.

Next time I will write about Daikanyama. Please look forward to it.

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