Taiwan Trip 1 : Climbing Taipei 101

Taipei 101 – Outdoor Observatory

The 91st floor is where an outdoor observatory and theater room is on. The theater room screened the history of Taipei 101 video when I visited.

View from Taipei 101 Outdoor Observatory

The view from an outdoor observatory is fixed to only one side unlike 360° view from an indoor observatory. However you can see the view of Taipei at night without windows.

Taipei 101 – Tip of the Spire

You can also see the tip of building which is 508 meters height from this floor.

Taipei 101 Souvenir Shop

I returned to 89th floor to see souvenirs and brought my muji notebook to get the stamps here.

Taipei 101 – Super Big Wind Damper

Then I went to 88th floor where the wind damper is on. Taipei 101 mascots based on this damper.

Taipei 101 – Chii Lih Coral

At the end of Wind Damper room is Chii Lih Coral where products made from coral are shown and sold.

Taipei 101

Passed through the coral shop and found elevators back to the fifth floor.

Chinese Meal Set at Taipei 101

I was on the ground floor around 2 PM so I looked for my dinner in food court. I got a Chinese meal set which included fish ball noodle soup, oyster omelette and stir-fried vegetable. I also got a bottle of green tea from supermarket nearby.

1973 J&G FRIED CHICKEN at Taipei 101

I also bought fried chicken and octopus from nearyby 1973 J&G FRIED CHICKEN. That’s my wrong decision because they give me a lot of them. So I could bring them back to eat at my home for 2 days.

Taipei 101 at Night

As someone who likes to visit observatory on high buildings. I like how Taipei 101 put gimmicks to its observatory. If I have to pay to visit it only to see the view below, I won’t do it. If you happen to be in Taipei, give it a try since its ticket isn’t that expensive.

Next time I will write about taking Taipei 101 photos from Mount Xiangshan. Please look forward to it.

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