Taiwan Trip 1 : Taiwan Fish Market

Taipei FIsh Market – Sashimi

 What make Taipei Fish Market famous to Thai people is ready to eat meal area. This is the area where you can find fresh and quality sashimi, sushi and other sea food. At the time of my visit they were a good value. But I heard that their price are increased so they maybe not best value as before.

Taipei FIsh Market – Fresh Sea Urchin

The best value dishes are sashimi, sushi and crab. However the imported food like Japanese sea urchin is very expensive. I think it’s better to save your money for having them in Japan.

Taipei FIsh Market

Desserts like egg custard are also famous and aren’t expensive.

Taipei FIsh Market – Cashiers

After selected what I wanted to eat. I went to a cashier for a payment. The staff will give you a cup of soy sauce for eating with the meal I brought.

Taipei FIsh Market – Eating Utensil

Eating utensils are available after passing the cashiers. After we got everything. It’s time to find a vacant table outside to begin eating.

Taipei FIsh Market – Mixed Sushi

I bought sushi box and egg custard. The sushi box contained many kind of sushi like tuna, shrimp, eel, salmon and salmon egg. There were also tamagoyaki, pickled ginger and wasabi. Their taste is good but not in the level of Midori Sushi I used to have in Japan.

Taipei FIsh Market – Egg Custard

The egg custard was better than I thought. I think it’s up to its fame.

Next time I will write about my shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou. Please look forward to it.

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