Japan Trip 2 : Tokyo International Airport

Tokyo International Airport - TOKYO POP TOWN

Cafe and the shop named MONO still opened.

Tokyo International Airport - TOKYO POP TOWN

MONO sells clothes, jacket, luggage bag, etc.

Tokyo International Airport - TOKYO POP TOWN

I saw Amachan gachapon in front of MONO. I decided to buy one.

Tokyo International Airport

Now it’s time to go to the boarding gate.

Tokyo International Airport

Although shops outside were closed. Duty free shops inside were still opened until 23:00.

Tokyo International Airport - TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP

Visited TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP. I didn’t buy anything here because I had already bought the souvenir.I saw this Sony global warming mascots so I took a photo of them.

Tokyo International Airport - TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP

Another duty-free shop. I remembered that the last time there were more duty-free shops then this time. Looked like they’re renovated.

Tokyo International Airport - BOOKS & DRUGS

Bought drinking water and some vitamins at BOOKS & DRUG.

Tokyo International Airport

Waiting for JAL Boeing 787-8.

Japan Airline x Soup Stock Tokyo

 Breakfast was the meal from Soup Stock Tokyo like the last time but this time they changed menu from Japanese bento to soup that they are famous for.

I was happy when I saw it because I want to try out their soup. However I didn’t have a chance to do it. Although I found their branch in Yokohama.

Japan Airline x Soup Stock Tokyo

The soup is Tomato Stew with Chicken and Vegetables. I really miss its taste.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Finally I went back to Thailand. The trip was over.

Although the purpose of this trip is participating in idol events. I also have a chance to visit many place around Tokyo. At first I thought I visit all the interesting places but there are still the places where I haven’t visited. I think I will go back to visit them again.

Hashimoto Kanna at ALOOK Shibuya

Also I don’t think that I will meet the idols I like in real life. I shook their hands and talked with them. Although there are a little mistake when I met them due to my poor Japanese. Overall it’s a good experience for me.

I want to say thank you to the people I followed on Twitter who give me advises for this trip and all readers who read my blog. I hope I can write about my trip in Japan again in the future.

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